Bluetooth 5 technology upgrade, where to start product development?


Bluetooth 5 new standard is implemented, it targets Smart Home, Internet of Things (IoT) and also audio-visual applications. Bluetooth SIG also predicted that as of 2020, among global output of wireless products, one of every three items will include Bluetooth technology. And all manufacturers must replace their Bluetooth chips and being certified by third party to claim they meeting Bluetooth 5 standards. However, in vivid competition, will the new Bluetooth standards fueled the effect of IoT? What opportunities will it brings to wireless products? What should product designer pay attention to?

Bluetooth 5 technology revolution I – 2 times, 4 times, 8 times the upgrade

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Based on the low energy consumption standard, the biggest upgrade for Bluetooth 5 is on technical level including speed of transmission, distance, broadcasting data were upgrade by 2 to 8 times, especially the connectionless communication. The transmission speed is now much faster and further than Wi-Fi and also perform better in power saving. For smart devices like pulses coun
ter, step counters, heartrate, sleeping patterns or intelligent thermostats, temperature controlled air conditioning, Bluetooth 5 is playing an very important role which will define whether the devices will be popular.
In the past, when the Bluetooth device needed to be paired with a mobile phone, the transmission was always interfered due to distance. Bluetooth 5 would increase the transmission distance by 4 times which allow consumers to enjoy ,music at home, control smart lights, locks, air con, home security equipment, etc.  

Bluetooth 5 technological revolution II – Enhanced LBS positioning applications, LBS drives networking

imagesBluetooth 5 is a broadcasting communication mode which no connection settings is needed, it is very suitable for LBS (to serve as a service) product applications. According to ABI Research, the number of Bluetooth Beacon devices produced by 2020 will exceed 371 million, and Bluetooth 5 will help Beacon to expand with LBS in smart homes, businesses and industry markets. In the face of consumer retailers, for example, the demand for this LBS technology for Beacon will be stronger than the demand for other networking devices. The original Beacon push message may be limited to simple text and web links, with Bluetooth 5 broadcast data increased by 8 times, will be able to make advertising more richer and interesting.

In addition, Bluetooth 5 does not require connection settings, with the use of intelligent city infrastructure, we can help visually impaired people to move around, or parking indoor positioning navigation path planning, these are the use of retail advertising applications.

Developers should focus on the application side

下載If your Bluetooth chips are already tested and certified by a third party testing body, then and upgrade test and certification should be easy. TÜV Rheinland recommends that product developers and APP application design developers should focus on the user’s application and think about how to take advantage of Bluetooth 5’s strengths and new features to create product benefits, highlight product differentiation.



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